KineMaster for iOS – Free Download for iPhone / iPad

Are you thinking of video editing is fussy and time taking? If you are, then it seems you have never used the KineMaster app on your iOS device. This article will guide you about how to download and install KineMaster on an iOS device. Furthermore, I will provide you with the full set of features and give you step-by-step instructions on how to use the KineMaster Pro app on your iOS devices.

KineMaster Pro iOS Free Download on iPhone
KineMaster Pro iOS Free Download on iPhone

KineMaster for iPhone is a fully-featured app with a tremendous number of video editing options that you only get with professional-grade editing software. The application lets you perform both simple cutting and trimming tasks to much more complex pro-level editing stuff as well. KineMaster Premium iOS is one solid source for both novice and professional video editors also. Fortunately, the app is available for both iPhone, iPad, and M1 Computer as well, which makes the task much easier than ever before. It is always better and eye-friendly to edit videos on a bigger screen, KineMaster for iPad is there for you!

KineMaster Pro for iOS lets you make your ordinary videos into amazing ones. Furthermore, it also has the option to download and remix projects to your heart’s content. It has a timeline-based multi-layered interface that helps you to make your edits precisely and quickly. The Chroma Key feature of the app enables you to change the background of the video and lets you implement some stunning effects too. The Color adjustment tool is versatile, that allows you to ring every bell and whistles without any hassle. Whether you want to cut, trim, add music, text, reverse, add some visual effects, or much more advanced editing things, KineMaster is all you need!

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KineMaster App Features

Hope I have explained clearly what is KineMaster Premium iOS. Now it’s time to explore the key features of this wonderful application.

Easy to Use
KineMaster iOS has a user-friendly interface, where the controls are placed in the right place for quick accessibility. This saves a lot of time than struggling with other conventional video editors.

Speed Controls
The application has the option to increase or decrease the speed of the imported video to an extreme level. Moreover, the smart algorithm of the application renders you with the smoothest video playback. So that you cannot notice any stutters even when you create a slo-mo video. And you can even create the timelapse with the given speed controls.

Color Filters
KineMaster for iPhone has a wide variety of color filters that lets you change the look and feel of the video entirely with a tap. You can choose between different color formats and finalize one based on your needs.

Share on Social Media
The app has the option to share the videos directly on social media such as YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram stories. So that you can expose your artistic skills to your friend’s circle right from the app interface.

Similar to the professional video editors, the KineMaster Pro iOS also has the option to record voice to your videos. This is a very useful feature when you want to give voiceover to your short films or YouTube videos.

Download and Re-Edit
Are you struggling to edit videos? Chill! KineMaster lets you access plenty of projects under the ‘Get Projects‘ menu. Simply you can download your desired project and re-edit them with your own videos.

Edit in UHD
Other ordinary editors lack this option, the KineMaster for iPad can edit high-resolution videos, it can handle up to 4K UHD in 30 FPS speed. It is the most exciting feature that many iPhone users would love to play around with their 4K captured videos.

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Blending Modes
This option lets you blend your videos together and create such a unique double exposure effect from it. You can use this option to convey the mood swings and flashbacks of the subject in your short films.

Multi-Layered Interface
The Multi-layered interface of the app lets you edit videos much precisely and quickly by assigning independent layers to Images, Videos, Audio, and effects. You can configure each layer separately until you get the expected result.

KineMaster Asset Store
You can download more than 2,500 effects, transitions, videos, images, stickers, fonts, and many more from the asset store of KineMaster.

Edit in Multiple-Formats
The app supports all major video and audio formats, which allows you to edit almost all kinds of videos captured by different devices. So that you don’t need to convert the video before editing it with the KineMaster app.

Edit Audio
In addition to video editing, the app also has the option to edit audio files to a greater extent. You can adjust the volume levels on right and left stereo. It is also possible to adjust the pitch level as well. On top of it, the KineMaster iOS also has various voice-changing effects that you can use to modify the original voice.

The above said are the most notable features of the application. It also has all other basic tools that you can see in conventional video editors. Alright, let’s dive into the installation guidelines.

How to Download and Install KineMaster on iOS devices (iPhone / iPad)?

Now you have known that the KineMaster is the best video editing application for iOS. Since the application is available on the App Store, the installation process is very easy. It is exactly the same as you install other official apps from the App Store. Anyhow, I will give you the step-by-step instructions to install KineMaster Pro on your iOS devices.

1. First of all, you need to open the App Store on your iPhone/iPad.

2. Search for the app name ‘KineMaster’ on the search box and tap the search button.

3. The KineMaster app will be displayed on your screen, simply select the app and tap on the Get button to download the app on your iPhone/iPad.

4. Wait for few seconds until the app completes downloading and installing on your iOS device.

5. Once everything gets done. tap on the Open button on the App Store to launch the KineMaster app. Later you can access the app from the home screen of your device.

KineMaster Premium iOS Free Download

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How to use KineMaster on iPhone?

KineMaster has a similar interface as like Android. Using it on your device is pretty easy, that you come to know when you explore the app for few minutes. But some of the advanced options need a guide, here I am to help you with that. Just follow the step-by-step instructions to know how to use KineMaster on iPhone / iPad.

Step 1: When you launch the KineMaster app on your iPad, you can see some options like Create New, Get Projects, My Projects, FAQ, Settings, What’s New, and more.

Step 2: In order to start a new project, tap on the Create New button.

Step 3: Then choose the aspect ratio that you wish to use, then tap Next. The mainly used ratio would be 16:9.

Step 4: Now you have to choose the media file that you wish to edit. Select all those files you want to edit.

Step 5: Once the media gets loaded you can see the workspace with circular menubar on the right end of the screen. On the menu, you can get access to the layer options such as Media, Text, Stickers, and Handwriting. It also has other options to upload video/audio, and record audio.

Step 6: Tap on the uploaded media that you can see on the timeline. Now you can see that the quick menu replaces the circular one. This is the menu that has all the advanced editing options. And the options include Speed, Trim, Volume, Clip Graphics, Reverse, Vignette, Rotate/Mirroring, Adjustment, Color Filter, and much more.

KineMaster Pro iOS Free Download on iPhone
  • Speed – The option lets you change the speed of your video, you can create timelapse and slow-motion videos through this.
  • Trim – Cut the clip from where you want, it can be done based on the position of the Playhead.
  • Clip Graphics – You can add a variety of clip art graphics to your video titles. It has many effects to explore and apply to your project.
  • Reverse – The option enables you to make your clip reverse with a tap.
  • Adjustment – The adjustment tool lets you correct the color on your video. You can adjust almost all the color aspects on your video including Brightness, Saturation, Contrast, Vibrance, Highlights, Shadows, Temperature, Gain, Hue, Gamma, and many more.
  • Color Filter – It is another option that lets you color grade your video. It has plenty of color Luts effects which include Cold, Saturation, Warm, Mono, Vivid, Low, Cold, and more. With these options, you can make your ordinary clip into a cinematic one.

This is how you can use the KineMaster app on iOS devices like iPhone or iPad. You can make use of this guide and edit your favorite clips and convert them into stunning ones!

KineMaster FAQs

How to Add / Download Music to KineMaster on iPhone?
It is very simple to put music on the KineMaster iOS app, all you need to do is to tap the Audio button on the circular menu. And hit the Songs option to choose the file from your local storage, Else you can tap the Music option to download and add it to KineMaster on iPhone.

How to Get KineMaster Premium for Free on iOS?
Generally KineMaster Pro is a subscription-based app, but still, you want to get KineMaster Pro for free on iOS, then you need to download the modded version of the Premium application.

How to Download KineMaster iOS without Watermark?
KineMaster without watermark on iPhone is available officially, all you need to do is to subscribe to the application. You can use the app for free, once you have decided to remove the watermark in KineMaster iOS, then you can make the subscription.

Why is KineMaster not Exporting My Video?
There are two main reasons that the KineMaster not exporting your video and gives an error. The first reason would be your phone is not able to handle the Chroma Key feature that you picked in. The second one is the application is out of date, So you need to update the application and try again. (If these don’t work just force stop the app and restart it and then try exporting again).

How to Recover Deleted Videos from KineMaster iOS?
Unlike Android, iOS doesn’t allow the users to access system files, So that it is very difficult to recover deleted videos from KineMaster on iOS devices. In Android, you can do that easily by duplicating the .BAK file into your project file. You cannot do that on iPhone until you have the jailbroken device.

How to Import Fonts into KineMaster iOS?
You can choose the font after typing the text, to do that tap on Layers > Text > Type the text you want to appear. Then tap the font button (Aa). Here you will be displayed with Android and Latin Fonts, you can choose any of the available fonts. If you want to download and insert the font to KineMaster then you can use the font apps like ifont. Download your desired font then load it in KineMaster as explained above.

Wrapping Up

KineMaster Pro iOS lets you edit your devices all at hassle-free, It’s really very fun to edit video files with the KineMaster on iPhone. Presume the highly-featured and most powerful video editing tool on the buttery smooth operating system, it just glides around your media content. Everything loads quickly and you can do the cuts, trims, apply animations more precisely than ever before. Furthermore, using it on an iPad or M1 computer is quite a different experience on the larger screen, where you can see the minute details with the retina display. Overall, the KineMaster app on iOS devices is worth a try, Just go ahead and give it a shot!