KineMaster Alternatives – Apps Like KineMaster for PC

KineMaster Alternatives: Kine Master is the most dominant video editor that offers you professional-grade tools for perfect editing. It has a powerful and user-friendly toolset, that enables you to complete your editing in no time. The app has an interface with multiple layers that helps you to unleash your creativity with no boundaries, you can use as many layers as possible. It is very useful when you edit videos with various effects, B-rolls, and shots with different locations. Similar to other pro-level editors, the KineMaster also has the Chroma Key feature, in which you can set a new background to your video or even create a unique effect with the green screen.

KineMaster Alternatives - Apps Like KineMaster
KineMaster Alternatives – Apps Like KineMaster

KineMaster PC is a suitable choice for both professionals and novice video editors. The app has an easy-to-use interface with more than 2,500 downloadable items, including transitions, effects, animations, fonts, stickers, and many more. Furthermore, you can also download and re-edit projects from the Get Projects menu, which is a very handy choice, that saves your time a lot. It also supports editing in UHD 4K resolution up to 30 Frames Per Second, which is beneficial to create cinematic effects in your videos, and you can also make ultra close-up crops. With the KineMaster app installed on your device, you can do pretty much everything including Color Grading, Time-Lapse, Slow-Motion, Color Correction, Trimming, Voice Recording, Voice Changing, Audio Editing, Special Effects, Animation, Fonts, and what not!

We have seen enough that the KineMaster is undoubtedly the best Video Editing software in most cases, but still, it also has some downsides. The main drawback is the platform’s unavailability, there is no official version for Windows PC. This is where the users looking for KineMaster alternatives for PC. Even though there is a workaround for accessing KineMaster on Mac, it won’t be like having the native application. Here I have listed the top five apps like KineMaster, which are also officially available for PC.

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Power Director

PowerDirector is one of the Best KineMaster alternatives that comes first on this list. It is a fully-featured video editor that provides the most powerful tools for your editing needs. The primary thing to consider with the PowerDirector is the platform availability, it is available for almost all major platforms. PowerDirector for PC allows you to create cinematic videos. Moreover, the software is designed considering the smooth and snappier interface, so that it is fully compatible with 64-bit devices. Similar to KineMaster PC, the PowerDirector app also supports editing videos up to 4K resolution. Furthermore, the application also lets you create Time-Lapse and Slow Motion videos. In addition to this, you can also stabilize the shaky footage with the built-in video stabilizer, which is not available in the apps like KineMaster PC.

Power Director - Apps Like KineMaster for PC

PowerDirector app also has the Chroma Key feature, that enables you to create customized backgrounds and add some special effects to it. You can even blend two videos together and create a double exposure effect with the video overlays. The application has a user-friendly interface that allows you to trim/cut or rotate videos with simple clicks. You can access a wide range of font collections with animated texts that enrich your video titles in seconds. One unique option which is not available in the other editors is that the PowerDirector has the option to create PiP (Picture In Picture) videos, which will be useful to convey two-person contexts. You can also explore hundreds of free video effects, music, templates, and much more. Overall the PowerDirector is one of the best and topmost alternatives to KineMaster for Windows.


  • PowerDirector gets updated with all the latest and new features frequently, So that new feature gets added very often.
  • Color Filters let you change the color pattern of the video and lets you create a new mood for the scenery.
  • Traverse hundreds of Photos, Stickers, Music, Video Footages, Sounds, and much more to create a unique style of content. It also gives you access to the Shutterstock royalty-free library.
  • Create PiP videos at ease, which is not available in most video editors).
  • Supports editing high-resolution videos up to 4K resolution.
  • Give voiceovers to your videos, with the built-in audio recorder.


  • PowerDirector is not as user-friendly as the KineMaster. Some of its features are a little tricky to use, which include applying blurring effects and adding title cards on videos is somewhat intricate.

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Filmora is another best video editor that is mainly designed for novice users, who requires effortless editing experience. Even though it is easy to use, it won’t miss out on any significant editing features. You can cut, trim, apply transitions, text, and add music to your videos very easily. Like the KineMaster app, the Filmora video editor also has the option to create Fast motion and Slow-motion videos. It is one solid choice when you want to make the editing at ease. You don’t need the most powerful apps for performing the basic editing stuff. Filmora editor offers you more than 800 video effects and it has a separate library for each genre of effects that you can apply to your videos.

Filmora - KineMaster Alternatives for PC

Filmora also has the option to Color tune your videos to enhance their appearance and create an eye-pleasing effect. Similar to KineMaster, the Filmora also has the option to fine-tune your audio with the help of an audio equalizer. In addition to the basic editing stuff, the Filmora has the video stabilization option. Furthermore, the app also has the option to split your screen and let you play more than one clip simultaneously. You can even record your screen to create tutorials with the Filmora editor. Considering the user-friendly nature and futuristic interface Filmora can be one of the best alternatives to the KineMaster PC.


  • Filmora has the Chroma Key option, that enables you to edit green screen videos and lets you add customized backgrounds to your videos.
  • Pan or Zoom the still footages with few clicks and drags.
  • Fine-tune your audio with the help of Audio Equalizer, you can change the pitch level based on your preferences.
  • Split your screen and play more than one clip at a time simultaneously.
  • Get rid of the camera shake with the built-in video stabilizer.
  • Access more than 800 different effects, overlays, transitions, filters, and much more at ease.


  • The free version of the application adds a watermark to the videos, to get rid of it, you need to get the paid version, which is a bit pricey.
  • The GUI of Filmora is not up to the mark, there is some improvement needed to use the app for a long duration.

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Movavi is a futuristic video editor that lets offers everything you need to create your videos. Unlike other video editors, the Movavi has a clean and user-friendly interface with simplistic tools. If you want a handy video editor that lets you quickly edit your videos, then Movavi is the perfect option for you. Moreover, the Movavi editor is available for all significant platforms including Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS, So that you can have superior feasibility across your devices. Furthermore, the app supports a wide variety of video formats, so that you can edit almost any videos you throw at it. The Movavi editor has the option to increase or decrease the brightness and saturation of your footage. You can also create duplicate segments and make hilarious moments on your videos.

Movavi - Apps Like KineMaster for PC

The Movavi Video editor has the option to slow down your videos by creating duplicate frames in between and make your clip very smooth and ultra-slow motion. The software also has a wide variety of color filters, in which you can choose one based on the output you want to create. You can even give live commentaries or give voiceover with the help of a built-in voice recorder. There are plenty of transitions, effects, stickers, and fonts available to explore with this software. Besides this, you can even preview your editings using the built-in player, this helps you to make changes to the output and saves your rendering time. Share your creations on Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, and other social media directly from the Movavi software. This enables you to expose your creativity skills to your friends across the world. Overall, this app works almost like KineMaster PC.


  • Movavi editor has the simplistic and user-friendly interface, that allows you to edit your videos very easily, So that it can be one of the best alternatives for KineMaster Software.
  • The software allows you to create overlay videos by including more than one clips to create a double exposure effect.
  • There are plethora of transitions and effects to explore in this application.
  • Add beautiful color filters to any of your pictures or videos that you are editing. You can color grade your videos by applying this powerful lut based colors on your clip.
  • The software has a great collection of font options that allows you to create your project titles in many forms.
  • It also has the option to add fade in and fade out to your videos and make it more professional than ever before.
  • Movavi app has the option to create Time-Lapse videos by decreasing the frames on your videos.


  • The rendering speed of the Movavi video editor is very slow when compared to other competitors.
  • The Movavi editor does not support the latest video compression format like H.265.

Video Pad

Video Pad Editor is the simple yet powerful KineMaster PC alternatives. The editor comes with a clean and elegant interface that is suitable for both beginner and professional creators. It is a fast and easy way to edit your videos with the drag and drop interface. One unique feature of the Video Pad is that it supports 3D video editing. Moreover, you can also convert your 2D videos to 3 dimensions ones with stereoscopic conversion. Similar to the KineMaster, the Video Pad also has the chroma key feature, that enables you to have a customized background on your videos. The editor supports high-resolution video formats including 4K, 2K, Full HD, HD, and more. Besides that, it also supports a wide variety of video formats, that allows you to edit almost any video that you have on your device.

Video Pad - KineMaster Alternative for Windows PC

In addition to video formats, it also supports a great number of audio formats such as Wav, Mp3, FLAC, Ogg, AAC, RAW, Vox, Dvf, Au, AIFF, Mid, and many more. Besides that, you can also have powerful audio editing options that let you create special effects for the sound. You can create effects like chorus, compress, distortion, and more. You can even record your own voice and give voiceover to your videos. To another extent, the software also has the text to speech, which converts your text to voice data. Overall, you can explore a plethora of features with the Video Pad software, and it can be one of the best alternatives that you can find for the KineMaster application.


  • The Video Pad supports a wide variety of video and audio formats and also supports editing in high-resolutions as well.
  • The software is very simple to use and great for beginners.
  • Supports 360-degree video editing.
  • Gets updated on a regular basis, so that you can access all the latest features.
  • Similar to Nero Video, the Video Pad also has the option to burn the edited video to DVD.
  • Edit 3dimensional videos, and supports stereoscopic conversion


  • Rendering is slow when compared to other editors.
  • The video capturing tool is not available currently.
  • The design of the Video Pad is outdated and very classic, but it does the job pretty well.
  • There is no option to do video animation with this software.

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Nero Video

Nero Video is the affordable editor available in the market, that comes at the bottom of this list. It has all the necessary editing options that allow you to produce the video the way you need. The Nero Video has the Keyframes option, which is very useful to create animations and apply effects to a certain part of the clip. The Keyframes works precisely, that lets you make your ordinary footage into a cinematic video. Furthermore, the editor lets you render videos based on the device you want to play, this feature is not applicable to most video editors. Since the Nero is a popular tool for DVD burning, it also implemented the burning feature in the video editor too.

Nero Video-Apps Like KineMaster for Windows PC

The Nero Video software has a wide number of options for your editing needs, which include Transitions, Stream, Play, Audio Filters, Tilt-shift, Effects, Movie Templates, and much more. It is the best choice for novice users, who wants to edit videos at ease without having much editing knowledge. Moreover, it is a cost-effective choice for many users, so that you don’t have to spend much money on other software. If you are a moderate editor who doesn’t need the most advanced editing stuff, then the Nero Video is one of the perfect apps like KineMaster PC.


  • Unlike other softwares, the Nero Video has the option to burn the edited video into DVD.
  • The software is available at the affordable price, when compared to its competitors.
  • You can export based on the device that you are going to play the video.
  • Nero Video can supports the all the latest video formats including H.265.
  • It supports all major video formats and high-resolution videos as well.


  • Motion tracking is not available with this application.
  • User interface looks outdated and classic, when compared to other editors.
  • Unlike other video editing applications, the Nero Video doesn’t have the option to share the output on social media directly.


Even though KineMaster is the best video editor available in the market, the official version is not available for Windows or Mac machines. It is always better to edit videos on large screen devices, this is where you need alternative apps like KineMaster for PC. The above-mentioned apps are the best working and reliable choice for your creative needs. You can simply go through its features, pros, and cons to decide which app to use as an alternative to KineMaster. So what are you looking at! just go ahead and choose your application and install it on your device.