KineMaster Apk Download Free for Android Phones & Tablets

KineMaster Apk is the most prominent video editor available for Android to download, which is incorporated with the pro-level editing tools with a well-designed interface. Many people think that video editing is a cumbersome process, then it’s obvious, that you haven’t tried the KineMaster apk for Android. There is a vast number of apps available for editing, but the KineMaster stands out all of them with its features. The app supports numerous types of videos, images, and audio formats, that let you have full freedom and enable you to transform videos exactly how you want them.

KineMaster Pro Apk Download Free for Android
KineMaster Pro Apk Download for Android

KineMaster Android app is loaded with a full set of professional editing tools, including the multi-layered interface, Chroma Key, Blending Options, Alpha Opacity, Color Grading, Audio editing tools, and whatnot. With the KineMaster Pro apk installed on your Android device, you can do pretty much everything from basic cutting and trimming work to the professional color correction and background changing options all more precisely. Can you imagine, how it would be, if you can edit videos professionally on your handheld portable device. All in a very simple and elegant manner without much learning curve!

Unlike other video editing apps, the KineMaster supports creating up to 4K resolution videos, which is a great thing for many of you, who want to create cinematic videos, Of course, you can do it all simply with your smartphone. Furthermore, the app also has the option to include Keyframes, which helps a lot when creating motion to the layers. The packed-up tools are not enough for you? Don’t worry, the KineMaster Asset Store provides more than 2,500 downloadable effects, transitions, images, videos, animations, fonts, and many more. You can make videos for Instagram, Facebook, and other social media and share them right from the app interface as well. Let’s dive in deep to know the in-depth features of the application.

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Features of KineMaster App

Now you have got some idea about the KineMaster Apk app Download, and the Premium version lets you use it without a watermark. Let’s see the Key Features of the application in detail. You can read these features and decide whether to download the app or not.

User Interface
KineMaster apk has a cleanly organized interface that gives you a wonderful experience when editing the videos. Every tool is placed in the right place, which helps you to do the editing much quicker and easier than ever before.

Key Frames
Adding Key Frames to the video is the most precise editing method used by professional video editors. The technique enables you to apply any sort of effects more precisely to a certain part of the video. Yes! the KineMaster Pro Apk Download has the option to add Keyframes.

Changing Background
With the help of the Chroma Key feature, you can entirely change the background of the video with a tap. It is extremely useful when creating the Green Screen videos, where you can pick the whole new background for the green-colored background. Of course, you can also pick any color instead of green, but it shouldn’t disturb the subject in the foreground.

Blend Videos
It is pretty simple to Blend videos using the KineMaster. You can create a unique cinematic double exposure effect on any video with this method. By this, you can convey a background story or let the subject remember something in a cinematic way.

Splitting the video clip is a very simple task most of the time, But when its needs to be done more precisely, it’s a cumbersome process. With the KineMaster app Download, you can split or trim a clip frame by frame. It gives you a very accurate result and you can cut the clip where you want to be.

You cannot achieve a good result when editing with a single layer. A multi-Layered interface is always necessary to produce pro-grade results. You can split the videos, effects, audio, texts, and stickers into separate layers, this helps a lot when editing in high-quality.

Edit Upto 4K
Fortunately, the KineMaster Premium Apk for Android supports editing videos up to 4K 2160p resolution at 30 FPS (Frames Per Second). So that you can make some serious crops and closeups with the UHD resolution file, and you can do plenty more with this many pixels. But one thing to be noted for sure, the feature is not available in other mediocre video editing apps.

Color Grading
It has the option to change the brightness, contrast, hue, saturation, and many other color levels right on your Android smartphone. In addition to this, you can also use the LUT filters and take your video to an astounding one.

KineMaster Asset Store
Download more than 2,500 video effects, transitions, stickers, videos, images, animations, and much more to make your job simple and easier than ever before.

Supported Formats
The application supports almost all major video and audio formats, including Mp4, 3GP, MOV, and more with multiple codec packs. So that you can edit most of the videos, no matter from which device or format it’s being captured.

Sharing Options
The app has built-in sharing options, that allow you to share the videos with social media. So that you can let your friends know about your artistic forte on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, etc.,

Motion Effects
The KineMaster Apk for Android enables you to increase or decrease the speed of the video and create some Timelapse and ultra slow-motion videos all on your handheld device.

Voice Changer
The app has a wide number of audio editing options, in addition to this, it also has other exciting options that let you change the voice in many different ways, the options include Alien, Guy, Woman, Man, Computer, Monster, and much more. It is a very useful feature and helps you a lot when you edit a short film. Moreover, you don’t need to rely on other audio editing software anymore.

How to Download and Install KineMaster Apk on Android Smartphone / Tablet?

Hope now you have clearly understood, that the KineMaster is the best video editing application for Android. KineMaster Apk is officially available in the Google Play Store. So that installing this application is pretty simple as you do for other official apps. Follow the step-by-step instructions below to download and install the KineMaster app on Android for free of cost.

1. Open Google Play Store on your Android device.

2. Just select the search box on the top of the screen and type in the app name ‘KineMaster‘ and tap the enter/search button.

3. Now the Play Store will display the KineMaster app along with all the related applications. Simply choose the KineMaster app and hit the Install button.

KineMaster Pro Apk Download for Android

4. Wait for a while until the app completes downloading. Once it’s done it will be automatically installed on your device.

Install KineMaster Apk for Android

5. When the installation gets over, click on the Open button to launch the KineMaster app right from the Play Store. Else you can find the app on your device’s home screen, from where you can open the app by tapping on its icon.

Install KineMaster Apk for Android

6. Once the application gets launched, you will be asked to allow the permissions for the proper functioning of the app. After providing appropriate permissions, tap Start, now you are ready to edit and transform your videos into remarkable ones!

KineMaster Pro Apk Download for Android

How to use the KineMaster App on Android Smartphones & Tablets?

After installing the application, many of you have may struggle to use the app for the first time. Don’t worry, here I am to help you with the KineMaster tutorial. I will guide you on how to use the KineMaster app step by step on your Android device. Simply stick with the following steps and unleash your creativity.

Step 1: Once you launch the KineMaster apk, you can see the home screen with options such as Create New, Get Projects, My Projects, FAQ, What’s New, Settings, and more.

Step 2: To begin with the fresh project, Simply tap on the Create New option.

Step 3: Now you will be asked to choose the aspect ratio. Just choose the ratio that you wish and tap Next. The most commonly used one is the 16:9 aspect ratio.

How to use the KineMaster App on Android

Step 4: Choose the media file that you want to edit with the KineMaster app. You can also select multiple files.

Step 5: Here you can see the loaded media file on the bottom and you can find the circular menu bar on the right end of your screen. The menu contains Layer Options (Includes Media, Effect, Sticker, Text, Handwriting), and the option to record audio, upload video, and audio files.

Step 6: Tap on the timeline of the video which you can see at the bottom of the screen. This displays the quick menu on the right end of the screen. And the options are Trim, Volume, Clip Graphics, Speed, Reverse, Rotate/Mirroring, Color Filter, Adjustment, and many more.

  • Trim: The option allows you to trim or split the video into two segments. There are four sub-options that let you choose from where you want to cut the video according to the position of the Playhead.
  • Volume Mixer: It’s the second option that you can see in the list, which allows you to adjust the volume levels on right and left channels independently. On top of it, you can also change the pitch level and change the mixer options as well.
How to Make Edits on KineMaster
  • Clip Graphics: The option lets you add the clip art-based graphics effect to the video. You can create a stunning video title with the plethora of effects that you can find in this section. The effects include Travel & Activity, Sentimental, Powerful, More Title Effects, and more.
  • Speed Adjustment: This is where you can adjust the speed of your video dramatically and easily. The option has speed levels from 1X to 8X to make it faster. It also has the option to create slow-motion videos with the help of decreased speed levels ranging from 0.125.
  • Reverse: Simply select the clip and tap on the Reverse option, then the KineMaster begins to reverse the clip instantly.
  • Color Filter: The option lets you choose between a wide range of color presets. Moreover, the options are neatly categorized in different forms such as Basic, Cold, Low Saturation, Mono, Warm, Vivid, and much more. You can play around with the color choices and choose one based on your heart’s content.
  • Vignette: Add a vignette to the videos with a single tap. Unfortunately, there is no option to adjust the opacity and feather values of the Vignette.
  • Equalizer: Here you can equalize the audio and make it perfectly suitable for your video. There are many effects that you can choose for your audio output, and the options are AM Radio, Bass Booster, Bass Reducer, Hip Hop, Jazz, Natural, Pop, Rock, Treble Booster, Voice, and many more. All you need to do is to choose the effect you like, the KineMaster Premium apk download will do the rest of the thing automatically.
  • Adding Text to the Video: Simply tap the Layer option on the circular menu bar, then hit the text option and enter the text that you want to add to your video. Once you have added, you have the option to resize and apply some transition effects to the text.
  • Adding Audio: Many of the users want to know how to add music to KineMaster, Well it’s pretty simple. On the circular menu options, tap on the Audio option and choose the audio file that you want to add to the video. It also has the option to add SFX (Sound effects) online.

These are the most significant tools that you use to make edits with the KineMaster Android app. Furthermore, you can also find some experimental features under the settings, that also work pretty well in advanced video editing projects.

KineMaster FAQs

How to Add music to KineMaster Android?
You can add audio to KineMaster by simply tapping the Audio option on the circular menu. Then you will be asked to choose the music file you want to put to the KineMaster.

Is KineMaster Free?
Yes, the KineMaster apk is free to use, but if you want to enjoy its full features and use it without ads or watermark, then you need to subscribe to it.

How to make a video on KineMaster?
Creating a video on the KineMaster app is very simple when compared to other mediocre video editors. You can just import the video file and make the necessary changes then export it in your desired quality. For an in-depth KineMaster usage tutorial, you can refer to the above guide.

How to use the KineMaster apk without a watermark?
The KineMaster no Watermark apk comes with a subscription, where you have full access to the features and enjoy your editing without ad interruptions.

What is KineMaster Mod apk?
KineMaster Mod apk is the modified or cracked version of the application, where you can access all the premium features for free. Some of the KineMaster Mod apks are Green KineMaster apk, Black KineMaster apk, Gold KineMaster apk, Blue KineMaster Apk, Diamond KineMaster apk.

How to Download KineMaster Diamond apk?
KineMaster Diamond app or Black KineMaster or any other KineMaster Premium apk app can be downloaded from the internet for free. Though we don’t recommend using the modified version of apk.

How to Recover Deleted Videos from KineMaster on Android?
Usually, KineMaster only deletes the Project file and keeps the .BAK file, So that it is easy to recover the deleted project on the KineMaster apk for Android.

Just open your FileManager go to Device Storage > KineMaster > Project > and search for the Project Name. Just make a duplicate copy of the Name.BAK (Here name implies your project name)and then rename the duplicate copy with Name.KMPROJECT (remove all other text presents in the file name).

Final Words

There is a lot of free video editor apk arriving in the market today, Among them, the KineMaster app stands still in its place by its advanced editing tools, ease of use interface, and frequently updated features. With this single app installed on your Android tablet, you can edit pretty much any sort of video in no time. The high-resolution editing capability and an abundance of format support nothing beat the KineMaster Pro Apk Download, not to mention the KineMaster Asset Store. Just install the app and use it with the given guide and explore your artistic skills beyond the limits!